About Us


To emerge as the most respected provider of medical equipment –both in the domestic and international markets- based on superior product knowledge underscored by an unparalleled service commitment.


  • To become a Channel-centric Distributor of medical equipment with the greatest possible reliability , high clinical performance and quality that benefits the communities served
  • Provide competitive advantage through flexibility of a diverse supply base
  • Earn recognition for services rendered with dedication, honesty, integrity and service
  • Nurture long-term client relationships by delivering exceptional returns and make healthcare safer and better through collaboration.


  • Work ethics honesty and integrity in everything SBYV does- both individually and collectively.
  • Mutual respect and trust as the core and foundation of relationships.
  • Accountability- in everything we do.
  • Performance that delivers satisfaction.


SBYV works with a team of equipment specialists and a network of service people who work with you right from equipment education to installation, support and training. A separate team of professionals handle the marketing, sales, customer service and distribution to ensure a high level of responsiveness. Dedicated to meet your diverse or specialized needs, they conduct business with honesty and integrity and a clear customer focus to deliver quality even as they build long-term partnerships.

Statutory Compliance

SBYV conducts all operations in compliance with the rules and regulations outlined by the local administrative authorities and industry prescribed standards.

Corporate Responsibility

SBYV maintains and promotes high standards of corporate responsibility and has a long standing commitment to serve the local community -in helping and supporting them in their many needs from time to time.